What is a GoBite?

A GoBite is a portion-controlled “mini-meal” made with the finest, nutrient-rich, organic and all-natural ingredients from around the world. The ingredients in each GoBite have been carefully selected by our team to create nutritionally balanced, tasty combinations.

How does GoBites work?

It's simple. When you first sign up, you will be asked to tell us a little bit about yourself so we can customize our offerings to be most effective for you. Then, tell us how often you would like delivery of your box of 14 GoBites, and either pick the GoBites you want or let our team recommend which ones are right for you. You will then begin receiving your supply of delicious, nutritionally balanced GoBites to help you eat right between meals. You are never under any commitments, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

How do I order a box?

Ordering is easy. Click on any of the links inviting you to sign up. Tell us a little bit about yourself, customize the contents of your order, and tell us how often you would like to receive your GoBites. We will ship your GoBites out to you immediately. 

How much does it cost?

Each GoBite is $1.99 and shipping is always free. We ship our GoBites in boxes of 14. Just tell us how often you want to receive them, and we will bill you $27.86 each time we send you a box.

Does GoBites automatically ship more food?

Based on your instructions, we will ship your GoBites boxes out as often as you want. Your orders will ship automatically, but you can cancel at any time. If you do not wish to receive any additional deliveries, login to your account, go to the My GoBites Plan section, and click to Cancel Your Subscription. You can cancel at any time and are never under any long-term commitments. 

Can I choose what goes into my box?

Absolutely. Once you activate your account, you can either let us pick the contents of your box for you, or you can fully customize the contents of your box by clicking on the My GoBites tab in your account. We want you to get only the GoBites you want, when you want them. 

Why does a GoBites box contain 14 GoBites?

GoBites come in boxes of 14 to allow you to fully integrate them into your diet. You can receive delivery every week to enjoy 2 GoBites daily, every 2 weeks to have 1 GoBite a day, or every 4 weeks to give you a basic supply of healthy, delicious GoBites for whenever you have the urge to snack.   

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