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Our Secret Ingredient: Expertise

Nutritionists agree. Eating five meals a day is best for achieving optimal nutrition.  For most of us, the two in-between meals are typically no more than an afterthought, and often not very healthy. At GoBites, we would like to change that.

Each GoBite is a portion controlled “mini-meal” made with the finest, nutrient-rich ingredients from around the world. Everything we use is 100% natural and most of our ingredients are USDA Certified Organic. Our Nutrition Team takes the guesswork out of snacking by offering a smart lineup of GoBites that are just the right amount, the right mix and the right flavor to satisfy your health goals and your palate.

Bites That Won't Come Back to Bite You

Replacing just one processed snack a day with a GoBite will go a long way in helping you eat right.  Unlike so-called healthy snacks that are chock full of added sugar and artificial ingredients, GoBites are pure goodness. It’s what sent us up a tree, across many oceans, and down numerous paths in search of the world’s healthiest foods.  Now you can crunch on wholesome nuts, seeds and grains and enjoy succulent fruits and exotic berries, knowing each GoBite feeds your body as well as your appetite.

A Savory Deal

With our tasteful subscription program, you can receive a pack of 14 delicious GoBites delivered right to your door. No shipping charge. No commitment-ever. Just tell us what you want and how often you want it, and we’ll take care of the rest.  

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